Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Life

On this day, I found out that my friends lost their mother to the Divine. Although I barely kept in touch, it re-reminded me of one of my biggest fears. From such emotion, while being on a quiet beach, rose the following piece.

As the clouds roll in, gray and full,
As the waves lap on over each other,
Life seems to be at rest for some,
And slipping away for some others.

We live each day on this land,
With only one life to live,
Some yearn for money, some for love,
Some only take, forgetting to give.

Make this one life as full as can be,
Fuller than the oceans and the seas,
Filled with love and happiness and life,
Filled with big and small dreams.

'Tis who you are that matters most,
And how you love those you do,
Family and friends keep your legacy alive,
Once you leave their lives for good.

With joy and hope and lovingness,
We truly can change lives,
Encourage a child or an elder,
To live a better life.

At times too short or too long,
Life seems to throw many curveballs,
But above all, as it always does,
Life still finds a way to move us along.

Through all the sorrows and the joys,
Life and Time pull you through,
May you find your peace, that inner spirit,
To keep you strong and happy too.

Today, I find myself lost,
Lost in the strands of Time,
A fleeting moment was all it took,
And here I am, amidst a rhyme.

Stories of loss of those loved,
Move me more than they did before,
Taking me where I've never been,
Where Fear seems to push Strength off-shore.

In this time of sorrow,
I pray for strength for you,
For as Life takes you along now,
I have faith you will find her, in you.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's another day

It's another day to live
Another day to breathe
Another day to realize
How big you can be

Open your heart
Open your mind
Open your soul
To the music of Time

As the beats run on
And the melody moves
Simply let yourself
Feel the grooves

Allow your body
To sway along
As the beings of life
Play out their song

What a wonderful tune
With the harmonies and rhymes
As the minors and majors
Bring out tears and smiles

For me, for you, for us,
I'll be sure to sing the tune
With love's reassuring touch
We need be nowhere, soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A note
A song
And I sing along.
A rhythm
A beat
And it won't be long
Till it comes
My favorite part
And I let it play
On and on.

Music knows
no barriers
No language
no boundaries
The sounds the beats
The rhythm the melody
Gets me through
Every heartbeat..

Life's like a song
Let yourself sing along
Let the rhythm fill you
And the melody engulf you
You will feel then
A sense of entirety.

(Copyright © PR)

This piece of music soothes me every time. I thought I'd share this with you too. Enjoy!
Shankar Tucker's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTnla1nAfI8

Friday, October 12, 2012

Here there everywhere nowhere

What do you want to do?
Where do you want to be?
How do you want to get there?
What makes you happy?

Questions that haunt
Questions that taunt
Loaded with weight
With no answer straight.

It's not here, but it might be there
So unsure of getting there
It's the path that matters not the end
Then why is this such a sharp bend?

Knowing what I like
Though knowing not what I want
Knowing only my current
The future seems to taunt

It should be so easy
Knowing and getting there
Decisions and choices
But it seems unfair

Where is that passion?
What is that joy?
That was in the present
That wasn't too coy

Buried somewhere maybe
In the rush of reality
Only captured by Time
What is this mentality?

(Copyright © PR)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another new beginning

Another move 
A new place
Old furnishings
But a new home.

New faces
New relationships
Some old friends
But a new start.

A new tune
A new step
Savoring the old fav's
Embracing the new

Taste of love
Taste of togetherness
Taste of the old
Taste of life.

Now familiarity grows
Likeness sets in
Peace comes to the mind
As the day ends.

'Tis a new beginning 
With no end in sight
Such should be Life
With love and delight.

(Copyright © PR)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Faced with a new chapter

It just feels like yesterday
Feels like far too soon,
To think of letting her go
Go and reach for the moon.

She's been away long enough
Oh why don't they now see
How grown up she is
No longer the baby.

They still hold her close
Little realizing they do
Imposing their ways through mild words
But trying to be all cool.

Hard to go against
But impossible to live without as well
She tries to back away
And break their long spell

She wants the best of both
The worlds she has come to know
One with family and friends
The other the Love that has grown.

It will not be long before
They will have to
Let go of their little one
Without really wanting to.

She might be free then
Free-er that she feels now
To follow random off-roads
"Not-know-where, not-know how".

(Copyright © PR)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here's to Silicon...

Lights a-whirl
Every time you turn on
Beautiful colours and images
Cover you all.

Something so new
Spread like wildfire
Thought it would take years
For people to desire

The need for these necessities
Now seems so natural
A life without you
Is hard to imagine

Only not too long ago
Did we live without this haven
In about ten years
To humans you have given

The ability to "shrink"
Make seem this world so small
Yes, to you, Silicon,
We owe it all.

(Copyright © PR)

Monday, August 29, 2011

So simply...

I see the way he looks at her
The twinkle in his eye
She laughs easily at what he says
And he wears a cute smile

Coffee in hand, they sip slow
Enjoy each and every drop
Relishing their moments together
They sit in a corner of the coffee shop

It's a cloudy evening
And they dress warmly 
Now coffee over, together
They walk away slowly.

(Copyright © PR)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Not too hot or too cold
I take a small sip of you
Your flavor seems to fill me
As the heat within seems to calm.

A dash of white to your brownness
Brings peace to the eyes,
A sense of serenity
In these crazy times.

From Colombia or Arabia
Or the darkness of Sumatra
Each blend with its own vigor
You leave an everlasting taste.

Sugar adds a sweetness to
This strength in your flavor
Oh, Coffee, what the world
Would be without thee
I cannot but begin to imagine.

(Copyright © PR)

Thursday, June 30, 2011


It's a new start
It's a new chapter
On this new path
Extending forever.

Tons of branches
By-passes along the way
Every step a new experience
And the start of a new day.

(Lots more to come)

(Copyright © PR)