Thursday, September 20, 2012

Faced with a new chapter

It just feels like yesterday
Feels like far too soon,
To think of letting her go
Go and reach for the moon.

She's been away long enough
Oh why don't they now see
How grown up she is
No longer the baby.

They still hold her close
Little realizing they do
Imposing their ways through mild words
But trying to be all cool.

Hard to go against
But impossible to live without as well
She tries to back away
And break their long spell

She wants the best of both
The worlds she has come to know
One with family and friends
The other the Love that has grown.

It will not be long before
They will have to
Let go of their little one
Without really wanting to.

She might be free then
Free-er that she feels now
To follow random off-roads
"Not-know-where, not-know how".

(Copyright © PR)

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