Monday, August 29, 2011

So simply...

I see the way he looks at her
The twinkle in his eye
She laughs easily at what he says
And he wears a cute smile

Coffee in hand, they sip slow
Enjoy each and every drop
Relishing their moments together
They sit in a corner of the coffee shop

It's a cloudy evening
And they dress warmly 
Now coffee over, together
They walk away slowly.

(Copyright © PR)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Not too hot or too cold
I take a small sip of you
Your flavor seems to fill me
As the heat within seems to calm.

A dash of white to your brownness
Brings peace to the eyes,
A sense of serenity
In these crazy times.

From Colombia or Arabia
Or the darkness of Sumatra
Each blend with its own vigor
You leave an everlasting taste.

Sugar adds a sweetness to
This strength in your flavor
Oh, Coffee, what the world
Would be without thee
I cannot but begin to imagine.

(Copyright © PR)