Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Life

On this day, I found out that my friends lost their mother to the Divine. Although I barely kept in touch, it re-reminded me of one of my biggest fears. From such emotion, while being on a quiet beach, rose the following piece.

As the clouds roll in, gray and full,
As the waves lap on over each other,
Life seems to be at rest for some,
And slipping away for some others.

We live each day on this land,
With only one life to live,
Some yearn for money, some for love,
Some only take, forgetting to give.

Make this one life as full as can be,
Fuller than the oceans and the seas,
Filled with love and happiness and life,
Filled with big and small dreams.

'Tis who you are that matters most,
And how you love those you do,
Family and friends keep your legacy alive,
Once you leave their lives for good.

With joy and hope and lovingness,
We truly can change lives,
Encourage a child or an elder,
To live a better life.

At times too short or too long,
Life seems to throw many curveballs,
But above all, as it always does,
Life still finds a way to move us along.

Through all the sorrows and the joys,
Life and Time pull you through,
May you find your peace, that inner spirit,
To keep you strong and happy too.

Today, I find myself lost,
Lost in the strands of Time,
A fleeting moment was all it took,
And here I am, amidst a rhyme.

Stories of loss of those loved,
Move me more than they did before,
Taking me where I've never been,
Where Fear seems to push Strength off-shore.

In this time of sorrow,
I pray for strength for you,
For as Life takes you along now,
I have faith you will find her, in you.

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